CANDLES: ALTAR - Stearic White Wax

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#30040136 Stearic White Wax 7/8″ X 11-3/4″ Self-fitting end

Molded Stearic White Wax
Diameter: 7/8″
Height: 11-3/4″
Self fitting end
24 candles per carton
Sold by the carton
Made by Cathedral Candle Company U.S.A.

Price: $37.55
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#30918008 Stearic White Wax 17/32″ x 6-1/2″ For spring-loaded tube candles

Molded stearic White Wax.
For spring-loaded tube candles.
Can also be used for candle light services.
Dimensions: 17/32″ x 6-1/2″
Box of 100
Sold by the box

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#31125006 Molded Stearic Candle 1-1/2″ X 12″

Molded stearic candle. Plain end.
Manufacturer: Cathedral Candle Company, Syracuse, NY
Diameter: 1-1/2″
Height: 12″
Carton of 6 candles
Sold by the carton


Price: $36.40
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Lighting Tapers Wax #91301201

Wax Lighting Tapers for use in candle lighters
Mfg: Cathedral Candle Co. Syracuse, NY
120 wax tapers per box
Sold by the box

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