Cemetery Candle. #45. Carton of 4.

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Cemetery Candle. #45. Carton of 4.

Candle for memorial cemetery fixture.

Specially formulated for cooler/colder climates; climates of  northern U.S. states. States such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, etc.. Not to be used in very warm to hot climates. This candle is meant to be burned out-of-doors, NEVER indoors. Do not burn indoors! Formulated to burn well out-of-doors in a cemetery memorial fixture at temperatures from 65 degrees down to zero, Fahrenheit. Candles' intended use is in a cemetery memorial fixture. Any other use is at your own risk. Candles are made in the U.S.A.

Carton of four candles is $23.00. Shipping is FREE to localities of Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Lower Michigan,  Northern Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota. For all other localities, $8.00 additional for shipping ($31.00 total). Candles are shipped via Post Office to localities in contiguous continental U.S.

Prepayment: use PayPal Payments link located under the CONTACT header after you fill in shipping information at check out. Please disregard billing information request and invoicing details. PayPal will notify us of your payment; candles will be shipped after PayPal notification

4 candles per carton. Sold by the carton.

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