Caring for your oil candles info.

          Oil Candle Care Information
It is strongly recommended that you use only Lux Mundi Altar Pure Paraffin for your oil candles (available from Jensen Church Supplies). Altar Pure Paraffin is 99.4% pure paraffin, the cleanest burning formula available. Lux Mundi’s special blend of Altar Pure Paraffin assures a smoke and soot free environment. A lesser quality candle oil, such as lamp oil,  may harm your candles.

Filling refillable oil candles
Fill with Lux Mundi Altar Pure Paraffin up to approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inches below the top. Filling to the top will result in oil overflow, down the outside of the candle, giving the appearance of ‘leaking.’ Lux Mundi oil candles are machined from solid nylon stock. Install brass follower and allow the Lux Wick to saturate for about five minutes. Over time, varying with usage, the lighted end of the wick will develop a layer of crystallized carbon. This can be removed with a soft cloth by squeezing gently and rubbing the wick between your fingers with the soft cloth. It is not necessary to trim (snip) the wick, as is common with wax candles. Do not allow your refillable candle to run low or out of paraffin. This will result in permanent wick damage and will have to be replaced. When properly maintained, the wick will perform effectively for years. Replacement wicks are available from Jensen Church Supplies ( Replacement wicks are longer than the inside depth of many oil candles (depths vary with candle sizes). Measure the inside depth of your oil candle and cut the length of the replacement wick to that depth measurement. When installing a new wick, pull it down through the top of the follower; use a wire tie (from loaf of bread packaging). Tie to the end of wick and pull it through the hole from the top down. Screw threaded ferrule into top of follower. There are two small “breathing” holes on the top of the follower. Keep them open using a paper clip.

Adjusting flame height
Adjusting flame height is rather easy. Simply use thumb and finger, grasping top of wick, ever so slowly, and just a little bit at a time, pull up on the wick for a taller flame (the taller the flame the faster the oil will be consumed. Conversely, the shorter the flame the slower the oil will be consumed.) To reduce flame height, carefully pull wick down from the underside of the brass follower, a little at a time. A new wick will have to be installed should the wick be accidentally pulled out of the threaded ferrule.

Cleaning the exterior of your solid nylon shell
The exterior nylon surface of your candle is easily cleaned. It may be washed with mild soap and water, (not the brass) using terry-cloth  fabric. Other effective cleaners for the nylon are denatured alcohol and store brand cleaners such as Fantastic or 409. Stubborn stains? Rub with a fine Scotchbrite pad. Please remove the brass follower before cleaning the nylon candle.

Cleaning the brass follower and socket
Lux Mundi brass followers and sockets are protected with a clear lacquer coating. Without this coating the brass will tarnish. You can greatly extend the life of your lacquered brass appointments with little maintenance. Be sure to wipe off fingerprints after handling using a damp, lightly soaped,  terry-cloth fabric. Every few months, rub a little plain auto wax on the brass, using a soft cotton cloth (do not use paper towels. Paper towels are wood-fiber based and will scratch). Buff to a nice shine. Never polish any coating-protected brass with metal polish. Metal polish, such as Brasso, is an abrasive and will strip away the protective coating, exposing the brass. Ugly tarnishing will ensue. Please do not touch or clean the brass follower until it has cooled. Take care not to over tighten the brass followers as removal may be difficult after use.