LUX MUNDI OIL BURING CANDLES. Caring for your oil candles.

Churches in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska please phone us to place your order for Lux Mundi oil candles: (906) 396-2745

All other churches, to purchase oil candles, please contact Lux Mundi for a dealer nearest you. Lux Mundi’s toll-free number is (800) 327-0505

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Caring for your oil candles
It is strongly recommended that you use only Lux Mundi Altar Pure Paraffin for your Lux Mundi oil candles. Altar Pure Paraffin is the cleanest burning formula available, and Lux Mundi’s special Lux Wick is designed to give you optimum flame height. Lux Mundi’s special blend of Altar Pure Paraffin insures a smoke and soot free environment. A lesser quality candle oil will result in excessive smoking and may damage your candles and appointments. When using Altar Pure Paraffin, your Lux Mundi candles will receive a full lifetime warranty. You are entitled to the replacement of any defective product for as long as you have them. If you use an alternate fuel, this warranty is void.

Refillable Nylon Candles and Refillable Cartridges. When you first use your new refillable Lux Mundi candles or refillable cartridges, fill with Lux Mundi Altar Pure Paraffin to approximately 1/2 inch from the top. Replace the brass burner and allow the Lux Wick to saturate for about ten minutes before its initial lighting. Over time, varying with usage, the exposed wick will develop a layer of crystallized carbon. This can be removed with a soft cloth by squeezing gently. Do not trim the wick, as is the norm with wax candles. Lux Wicks do not need to be trimmed, but the wicks need to be cleaned occasionally. Do not allow your refillable candle or cartridge to entirely run out of paraffin. This will result in wick damage. When properly maintained, the wick will perform effectively for several months. Replacement wicks are available from your local dealer.

Adjusting flame height. Adjusting flame height is rather easy. Simply use thumb and finger, grasping top of unlit wick, gently pull the wick up, a little at a time, for a taller flame (the taller the flame the faster the oil will be consumed. Conversely, the shorter the flame the slower the oil will be consumed.) To reduce flame height, gently and slowly pull the wick down from the underside of the brass follower. A new wick will have to be purchased should the wick be accidently pulled out of the threaded ferrule. 

Cleaning the exterior of your solid nylon shell. The exterior nylon surface of your candle shell is easily cleaned. It may be washed with soap and water (not the brass). Other effective cleaners for the nylon are denatured alcohol and store brand cleaners such as Fantastic or 409. Please remove the brass follower before cleaning the nylon candle.

Cleaning the brass follower and socket Lux Mundi polished brass followers and sockets are protected with a clear lacquer coating. Without this coating, the brass will tarnish. You can greatly extend the life of your lacquered brass appointments with a little maintenance. Much like the clear coat on an automobile, using wax will protect the lacquer. Use only a clear wax or neutral shoe polish. Every few months, rub a little wax on your brass, and using a soft cloth, buff it to a nice shine. Please do not touch or clean the brass follower until it has cooled.