A word about shipping costs: Product prices do not include shipping costs. Our website intentionally does not provide pre-purchase shipping costs because we do not know what shipping costs are until package is presented to the Post Office or United Parcel Service. Post Office and UPS determines cost via distance from Iron Mountain to you, weight of package(s), and, if applicable, UPS tacks on a residential delivery surcharge if package is shipped to a non-commercial facility. Shipping charges vary day-to-day due to ever-changing oil and gas prices. Actual shipping charges that UPS and Post Office assess us are passed on to you. We do not charge a handling fee nor do we add to the shipping costs.

Individuals and established businesses making personal-use purchases must prepay using our PayPal process.
Instructions will be emailed after receipt of your order.

Churches, religious institutions are invoiced shortly after product is shipped. Actual shipping charges are additional. Please disregard prepayment requirements.